Germany’s Monumental Wind & Solar Power Fail Delivers Total Economic Disaster

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Ideological experiments come in all shapes and sizes, but Germany’s wind and solar craze is monumental – a monumental environmental, economic and social disaster, to put it mildly. Suffering routine power rationing, mass blackouts and Europe’s highest power prices is only just the pointy end of what Germany’s boffins called the ‘Energiewende’, which was touted as an inevitable transition to an all-wind and sun-powered future.

As Pierre Gosselin outlines below, things haven’t gone to plan, but they have ended up precisely as predicted by those with the first inkling of how power grids work.

Germany’s “Green Craze” Is “Expensive, Destructive, Useless”… A “Total Failure”
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Pierre Gosselin
31 October 2023

Germany’s conservative Report 24 here looks at the country’s transition to renewable energies (die Energiewende), which despite earlier high hopes has since turned into an economic debacle under the leadership of Economics Minister Robert Habeck.

Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck, Green Party, has been called by many the most incompetent in modern German history.

“Total failure”
“The entire energy transition is a complete total failure. Even with the redistribution of hundreds of billions of euros, more economic damage has been done than any benefit achieved. And still we are extremely far away from the so-called ‘climate goals’ in terms of decarbonization,” so starts Report 24’s analysis.

Even Bloomberg confirms the same.

Not only has the German Energiewende been exorbitantly expensive, but it has also brought very little in terms of actual decarbonization. Moreover, it has fuelled inflation and demolished living standards for working Germans.

It’s been one giant wealth destruction machine.

Germans already frustrated, fed up
“Even the financial news portal Bloomberg states this total failure of politics, because the population simply does not want to carry these whole measures anymore. A recent article by the portal discusses how the Green Minister of Economics, Robert Habeck, has a strict focus on the ‘climate targets,’ but is still rigorously failing to achieve them,” Report 24 continues. “At the same time, the economy is stumbling and frustration among citizens is growing steadily.”

The switch to predominantly unstable wind and sun as the primary source of electricity has also greatly magnified the risk of blackouts.

“Doomed to failure”
“Germany is thus impressively showing the world that the green craze is doomed to failure,” writes Report 24. “The people of Germany do not want to sacrifice their quality of life and their jobs to some utopian goals that are in any case based only on ideological assumptions and incomplete data sets.”
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