Article summarising the IRP reports that had been presented to Parliament and Parliaments views.  It is relevant to note that the FFF were invited to make a presentation to Parliament and it is summarised in this article.
Integrated Resource Plan (IRP2019)

World Coal AssociationCOP23 focuses on Paris rulebook

Business DayNo risk of Eskom running out of coal, says GM

Mining WeeklyCFBC the preferred coal combustion technology

Rosemary Falcon – University of the Witwatersrand
Overview of coal resources of Southern Africa and their unique qualities (5.74MB) Download 

Johan de Korte – CSIR Lesley Jeffrey – SRK
South African coal quality for IPPs (1.57MB) Download

Yusuf Haffejee – Marubeni
Successful coal IPPs for Africa: what is required (605.98KB) Download

Sisa Njikelana – Chairman, SAIPPA
Viability of power generation from coal in Africa – a political perspective  (1.26MB) Download

Tom Canning – Sebenzana
European perspectives on emerging Fluidised Bed Power Plant opportunities in South Africa (3.5MB) Download

Naushaad Haripersad – Eskom
Comparison between Fluidised Bed Combustion (FBC) and Pulverised Fuel Combustion (PFC) technology application in South Africa  (841.75KB) Download

Dave Collins – Mac Consulting
COP21 outcomes and the implications for South Africa’s energy future (1.41MB) Download

Warrick Stewart, Daryl Kilian – SRK
Overview of the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) energy programme for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) (1.89MB) Download

Tom Garner – Cennergi
IPP experiences in South Africa (2.13MB) Download

Barry McColl – Eskom
The role of Eskom in future coal-based electricity generation (0.94MB) Download

Theo Fischer, Abdul Ibrahim – EScience
Emission limits of and waste disposal considerations for plant firing coal and plant co-firing with biomass or waste materials (2.82MB) Download

Theunis Meyer, Reece Alberts – Centre for Environmental Management, N.W. University
Critical environmental considerations for IPP coal power generators – reflections on environmental auditing at South African coal fired power stations  (1.64MB) Download

Brian North, Thomas Roos – Eskom
Carbon Capture and Utilisation (1.03MB) Download