Renewable energy hits the red light as electricity minister shoots it down

By Mandisa Nyathi The department of mineral resources and energy has hit back at critics who have spoken against its latest draft report on South Africa Renewable Energy Master Plan released in July. The renewable energy industry faces a serious setback after electricity minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa said that renewables cannot be a solution to the energy […]

Blown Away: World Waking Up To The Big ‘Green’ Energy Lie

Claiming that wind and solar are green is simply nuts. Delivering rubbish power and leaving mountains of toxic rubbish in their wake, solar panels and industrial wind turbines are the antithesis of ‘green’. Assuming that ‘green’ means friendly to environments, people and the communities that they live in? As Michael Shellenberger explains during this Chris […]

Government organizes Two-day National Conference of Power and New & Renewable Energy Ministers of States & UTs to deliberate on challenges in Power Sector

“To meet growing demand, all states need to run all power plants and at full capacity”: Union Power and New & Renewable Energy Minister R. K. Singh “All states should do coal blending”: Union Power and NRE Minister “Fast-track RDSS, use renewables to power agriculture”: Power and NRE Minister R. K. Singh exhorts states Posted […]

Germany’s Monumental Wind & Solar Power Fail Delivers Total Economic Disaster

Ideological experiments come in all shapes and sizes, but Germany’s wind and solar craze is monumental – a monumental environmental, economic and social disaster, to put it mildly. Suffering routine power rationing, mass blackouts and Europe’s highest power prices is only just the pointy end of what Germany’s boffins called the ‘Energiewende’, which was touted […]

Africa Embraces Energy Freedom By Rejecting Net-Zero CO2 Madness

While Western elites obsess about carbon dioxide gas, the rest of the world is screaming out for affordable energy. Ignoring those perfectly rational pleas, a cabal of pontificating windbags are hellbent on preventing any real development in the poorest parts of the planet – Africa included. Their weapon of choice is forcing chaotically intermittent and […]