Dan Marokane: the new boss of South African utility Eskom

JOHANNESBURG, Feb 29 (Reuters) – Dan Marokane is about to tackle the hardest job in South Africa: getting the lights back on. As CEO of state power utility Eskom, he takes on an organisation hampered by alleged coal theft and sabotage, which faces financial and technical crises. He will be working with a government shareholder that has a […]

Germany: McKinsey says: do less and save money

In January, McKinsey issued a new study on the German “Energiewende” Zukunftspfad Stromversorgung and presented it in Berlin earlier this week at a local energy conference. The study is in German, but the summary is below.   McKinsey’s key outcome in Lars’ words…  “GERMANY: PLEASE INSTALL 150 GW LESS SOLAR/WIND AND 50GW MORE GAS AND […]

Swiss Re: “Climate change plays a relatively small role today”

Swiss Re recently issued a rather alarming report on the changing climate, but when you read it carefully you notice, that the world-famous reinsurer acknowledges something very very important… that can also be verified in the last IPCC report.   Swiss Re first paragraph of entire report:   “To date, the main drivers of rising […]

Solar farms change the climate?

Yes they do   Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, being dark-coloured, absorb significant heat compared to reflective desert sand. Despite converting a portion of energy into electricity, a considerable amount still contributes to panel heating. As these panels accumulate in large numbers, they collectively elevate the temperature of the surrounding area. Solar farms, as they expand, […]

Eskom’s collapse

Over the last 15 years, the amount of electricity generated in South Africa has declined by nearly 4,000 GWh due to the rapid deterioration of Eskom’s performance. Eskom has a proud history. For 85 years, the power utility provided South Africa with reliable, affordable electricity. Eskom even won the Power Company of the Year at […]

2023 – The Year The Renewables Bubble Burst

Authored by Rory McCarthy, Consulting Director, Power & Renewables at Wood Mackenzie Contributor Jan 20, 2024,05:15am EST What are the reasons for optimism for clean energy in 2024? In 2023. clean energy witnessed one of the toughest years in its short history. Supply chain issues, the energy crisis post Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the […]

Russian coal exports to China could reach 100-102 Mt in 2023

Russian coal exports to China could reach 100-102Mt in 2023, roughly a 50% increase compared with the year-ago level, Pyotr Bobylev, department director of Russian Energy Ministry, said on November 20. Russia exported 76.5Mt of coal to China over January to September in 2023, already exceeding 67Mt by the end of 2022, he added. Besides, […]